On-Demand Webinar: Won’t Get Fooled Again – 5 Tips for a Resilient Supply Chain

If COVID-19 has you thinking, “if only we’d been better prepared”, you are not alone. If the Coronavirus has shown us anything, it’s how susceptible companies are to crises ranging from weather catastrophes to global pandemics.

It takes more than just luck to survive these interruptions. There are steps you can take now to inoculate your supply chain ahead of the next global disruption. Join industry insiders George Fowler, Group VP at Spinnaker Management Group and David Barton, GM of North America at ToolsGroup as they share learnings from supply chain responses around the globe and actionable tips you can take now to build resilience in the face of disruptions.

Topics include:

Having the right planning tools and capabilities.

Implementing a resilient network.

Monitoring and adjusting business KPIs.

Establishing knowledge retention and change management.

Implementing effective scenario planning.